Men Anti-aging and Beard Growth Products

Brand Story and Information

Wilder’s is a story of a fearless, bold and confident man who isn’t afraid to take calculated risks or look the world in the eye!

As a purpose-driven, focused and divinely-inspired business, we take the nourishment of your skin seriously by continuously innovating ways of making healthy living possible and practical. With our array of natural face moisturizers for men, we have made sure that it is time to bid goodbye to wrinkles, fine lines and saggy skin. You can now focus on being the best masculine version of yourself instead of worrying incessantly over how others perceive you! Our products are designed to be not just lightweight but also effective in delivering all-day moisturization and skin-strengthening benefits. Quick-absorbent, smoothening, firming and all-round suave!

Our beard growth supplements then complete the script of a fashion-conscious and refined gentleman with the world on his feet.

Wilder’s Men Anti-aging Moisturizer

Our anti aging cream for men transcends the usual standards set by conventional beauty creams. We go above and beyond what is expected of us and deliver a proven formula that is specially formulated for men's skin. Suitable for almost all skin types, our men anti aging cream is tailored to address the unique challenges that a hardworking, industrious and rugged man faces on a daily basis in his quest to look suave, dapper and urbane. We, therefore, combine the magic of highly-effective, hydrating, firming, moisturizing and scientifically proven ingredients to bring you the best facial moisturizer for men that you can get at a reasonable price-point. Not just that, our unique 8-Hour Moisture Lock technology ensures that your handsome skin stays protected from the vagaries of weather all day long!

Wilder’s Men Eye Cream

Your search for the ultimate eye cream for men ends with our Extreme Hydrating Men's Eye Cream. The technology and talent behind this under eye cream for men addresses three main signs of skin aging around the eye area i.e dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles. We understand that you love putting in the extra hours at work, play or in the gym - we do the same too. Our clinically-proven formula that is behind the best anti aging eye cream for men works overtime to regenerate, rejuvenate and restore the delicate skin nestled around your eyes. What's more, the non-greasy and luxurious-touch texture of our cream gives you that hard-earned comfortable sensation that you need to take in a new day. Finally, here is a men under eye cream that works as hard as you!

Wilder’s Men Beard Growth Vitamins

Nothing looks better on a man like a full, sophisticated-looking and well-trimmed beard. However, most beard growth vitamins use unnatural formulas, synthetic and fillers that are not just hardly effective but aksi potentially dangerous. Wilder's Men beard growth supplement is head and shoulders above the rest. We have developed a unique beard growth stimulating blend that is fashioned from 100% natural ingredients to give a thicker, fuller and healthier-looking beard. Having been in the industry for years now, we know exactly what it takes to trigger beard hair growth that can fill up those patchy spaces and thinning follicles to give you a sharper-looking modern look. Besides, our beard growth supplements are clinically-proven and scientifically adept at delivering the essential micronutrients needed to maintain a lusciously thick beard that spells masculinity throughout the years. All of this without any of the usual side effects or funny drug interactions.